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Standards and Protocols

Standards and Protocols

Paradym is built on open standards and protocols. For a truly interoperable internet, open standards and protocols are essential.


When using Paradym and the Paradym Wallet, the standards and protocols on this page are supported out of the box and no additional configuration is required on your end. If you're building a custom holder wallet that needs to interact with Paradym, see the Integrating with a Holder Wallet page for more information.

Standards used by Paradym

Hyperledger Aries

Hyperledger Aries is leveraged for a secure and encrypted communication channel between Paradym and a Holder Wallet. The standards used within Hyperledger Aries also defines protocols to issue verifiable credentials from an issuer to a holder, and request presentations from a holder as a verifier.

Hyperledger AnonCreds

Hyperledger AnonCreds (opens in a new tab) provides support for zero-knowledge proofs verifiable credentials. Paradym supports issuance and verification of AnonCreds credentials.

Decentralized Identifiers

Decentralized Identifiers (opens in a new tab) are cryptographically verifiable identifiers not bound to a centralized registry.


cheqd (opens in a new tab) is a blockchain network, built in the Cosmos ecosystem for Self-Sovereign Identity.