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Paradym Wallet

Paradym Wallet

The Paradym Wallet is an open source (opens in a new tab) companion app to the Paradym platform available on the Apple App Store (opens in a new tab) and Google Play Store (opens in a new tab). The Paradym wallet enables people to manage and present their digital credentials seamlessly. The credential data is stored locally on the user's device, meaning that they retain full control over the information and decide who to share it with.


The Paradym Wallet is fully integrated with Paradym, and can be used as a holder wallet for issuing and verifying credentials to.

Paradym Wallet Preview

Integration with Paradym

The Paradym Wallet is fully integrated with Paradym, and requires no additional setup.

Did Methods

The following did methods are supported in the Paradym wallet:

Did MethodNotes
did:webOnly resolving.
did:sov / did:indyOnly resolving. did:indy - bcovrin:test, sovrin, sovrin:builder, sovrin:staging, indicio, indicio:test and indicio:demo networks are supported
did:cheqdOnly resolving. mainnet and testnet networks are supported
did:peerUsed for creating DIDComm connections.

Credential Formats

The following credential formats are supported in the Paradym wallet:

Credential FormatNotes
AnonCredsCan only be used over DIDComm, with did:cheqd, did:sov and did:indy
W3C Verifiable CredentialOnly JWT format with ES256 and EdDsa JWA algorithms. Can only be used over OID4VC.
SD-JWT Verifiable CredentialSupports SD-JWT Verifiable Credentials - Draft 1 (opens in a new tab), with did:jwk or did:jwk as subject binding.

Exchange Protocols

The following exchange protocols are supported in the Paradym wallet:

Exchange ProtocolNotes
DIDCommOnly DIDComm v1 supported. Using Out of Band v1.1 (opens in a new tab), DID Exchange v1.1 (opens in a new tab), Issue Credential v2 (opens in a new tab), Present Proof v2 (opens in a new tab), AnonCreds Attachment Format (opens in a new tab)
OpenID for Verifiable CredentialsUsing OpenID for Verifiable Credential Issuance - Draft 11 (opens in a new tab), OpenID for Verifaible Presentations - Implementers Draft 2 (Draft 18) (opens in a new tab), SIOPv2 - Implementers Draft 1 (opens in a new tab)