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Integrate with a Wallet

Integrating with a Holder Wallet


The Paradym Wallet is fully integrated with Paradym, and can be used as a holder wallet for all actions within Paradym without any additional configuration.

Paradym enables issuing verifiable credentials to, and verifying credentials from holder wallets. The holder wallet can be a mobile wallet (such as the Paradym Wallet) or a cloud wallet, as long as it supports the standards and protocols used by Paradym.

Roles in self-sovereign identity ecosystem, and how it related to Paradym's products.

Roles in self-sovereign identity ecosystem, and how it relates to Paradym's products.

Usually a service (the issuer in the above image) stores information about an user (the holder in the above image), and this can then be accessed by another entity (the verifier in the above image).

With verifiable credentials, the holder caries that information themselves, and can choose to share this information with a verifier when needed. The issuer is not involved in the verification process, and the verifier does not need to communicate with the issuer to verify the information:

  • Issuer - Creates a credential containing information about an holder, cryptographically signs it and sends it to a holder.
  • Holder - Manages their own credentials in a digital wallet. Receives credentials from an issuer, and can share presentations of those credentials with a verifier.
  • Verifier - Request presentation of a credential from a holder. Can cryptographically verify the contents of a received presentation, and ensure the content was signed by a specific issuer.

Paradym offers a suite of products for all roles in this model. The platform can be used to issue credentials (issuer role) and request presentations (verifier role), while the Paradym Wallet can be used to receive, store and present credentials (holder role). You can also use a custom wallet that supports the same protocols and standards as used by Paradym.