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Create Multiple Projects

Working with multiple projects


Functionality to create multiple projects with separate agents is currently only supported through the API (opens in a new tab). This functionailty is not accessible through the UI yet and not recommended for beginners.

Creating multiple projects is not available in the Free tier, and only available to the Pro and Custom tiers.

In Paradym, the project environment (where your workflows are), is linked to a single agent. All workflow are executed and signed by this same agent. There are several reasons you might want to create different project environments with different agents. You might have a project that requires a separate issuer and verifier, or you have multiple customers that all require a separate agent.

It is possible to create multiple projects through the Paradym API. When you create a new project it is associated with the API key being used for the request. The user connected to this API key will then be the owner of the project. If you own a project, it is also possible to add collaborators to a project using the API.

You can see and switch between all the projects you own or are a member of. API keys are shared over the projects you own, webhooks are individual to the projects.

The best way to use this functionality is by looking into the API documentation (opens in a new tab), as this will be most up to date.